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The Eastern Falcon Conservation Trust was established in 2014. A non-profit charitable entity, the trust was founded by Dr Donna Falconer after informally observing falcons in the Aoraki/Mt Cook area for five years and gaining insights into them and the ecosystems they inhabit.

The New Zealand ‘eastern’ falcon, or ‘falcon of the east’ occurs predominately east of the Southern Alps in the South Island, New Zealand, and although widespread, they are never abundant. They are most commonly relegated to the rougher country of the foothills, but they do frequent towns and can even be found in Christchurch city.

There are estimated to be approximately 3,500 eastern falcons throughout their range. Although there are isolated enclaves of robust populations, the overall status is that of a population in decline. Their number one threat in the dryland ecosystems that we are focussing on is man, or more specifically, toxins, that are used in pest control (primarily of rabbits).

The Eastern Falcon Conservation Trust will be collaborating with a number of research institutions to further our understanding of the eastern falcon. Partnerships with both corporate and private sponsors will fund our research initiatives. Our approach will to understand all aspects of the dryland ecosystems that the falcons inhabit. Given their role as an apex predator at the top of the food web, they are ideal indicators of ecosystem health and balance.

To learn more about the New Zealand falcon check out our resources for basic falcon facts.


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